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Academy Primary School 194 Listooder Road Saintfield Ballynahinch

P7 Leavers' Service - 26 June 2020


How school will operate

School is officially closed in response to Covid-19 and the staff at Academy Primary are working rota shifts to look after the children of keyworkers.

Please keep a close eye on our school website for updates and short videos created by teachers.

Getting ready for Home Learning

Teaching staff are working to create 10 weeks of online learning materials which will commence the week beginning 20th April, 2020.  Teachers have been engaging in training and will connect with you remotely. Children should work on their learning packs up until that date.  The learning packs were designed as a 2 week learning programme taking us up to 3rd April.  The two weeks following this date is our Easter holidays.

Contact with Parents

Contact will be by e-mail. Please see below for contact e-mail addresses.  In the next few days please e-mail your child’s class teacher so that they have an up to date e-mail address for you in time for the week beginning 20th April.  A simple, “Hi this is my e-mail address and my child is Joe Smith,” will suffice for now.

After 20th April teachers, who on any given day are not looking after key workers’ children, will be working from home and will check their e-mails at least once per day.  If your child is in a job-share class, please contact the teacher who normally teaches them that day.  If there is an emergency regarding your child’s learning, teachers will get back to you at their earliest possible convenience.

20th April Onwards

A few days prior to 20th April, your child’s class teacher will e-mail you our password for Home Learning which can be found on our school website. Go to Parents then Home Learning, or click here.  Within week one there will be a cover note with specific information relating to your child’s year group.  There will also be a weekly template which outlines what is expected in the different subject areas. There will also be activities in these areas. We will address Literacy, Numeracy, and The World Around Us.  Learning will follow our schemes of work at Academy PS and will take account of the children’s ages, interests and abilities.  Where necessary, answers will be provided - especially for testing in Primary 6.

Staff will be providing cover on a rota basis for key workers, providing updated home learning pages as well as working on school related issues such as planning & reports etc.  Contact by email /social media to staff should be limited to infrequent and genuine inquiries. Staff will respond to emails between the hours of 9-3 Monday to Friday. Please be patient in awaiting a response and be considerate in the number of times you need to be in contact.

telephone numbers

  • school telephone  - 02897510407
  • school mobile       - 07713 978181 (between 9.30 and 3.00)

e-mail Addresses

Principal Secretary
Teaching Staff  
Learning Support

Our teachers have scrutinised different on-line learning resources and tools and it is advised not to be forced to panic due to shared resources on WhatsApp groups, social media and hear say.  Instead follow our advice and the programme that we set out for your child.  We have created and found resources best suited to the needs of your children.

Free Microsoft Office 365

Every student and Teacher is provided with Microsoft Office free of charge. With Office 365, you will have access to the latest version of Word, for writing; Excel, for spreadsheets; PowerPoint, for presentations; OneNote, for organisation and note taking; and much more.

  • Install on up to 5 compatible PCs and Macs, plus 5 tablets (including iPad!)
  • Gain valuable skills on the world’s most popular productivity software
  • Office subscription lasts for as long as the student/teacher remains in school and the programme continues

Follow these simple steps to get Office:

For PC and Mac:

a. Visit

b. Login with your C2k username and password

  • username must be in the format 
  • (please note the @c2ken format – the usual format will not work)
  • You will be asked again for your credentials a second time.

c. On the installation page select your language and click Install-Run

  • You will be asked to sign in 1 more time ( and password)

For iOS and Android:

a. Download Microsoft Office 365 from your app store

b. Sign in with your school credentials for full editing capability